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Welcome to our home. 


When we first bought the building, it needed some love and care. We started the way we’ve gone on – by doing as much as possible ourselves and enhancing the simple beauty that’s already there. That’s what we aim to do with our food, too. Bit by bit, we restored the restaurant, emphasising the warmth of its heritage features and natural textures. The result is a space that is cosy, airy, and relaxed, with high-beamed ceilings, exposed brick, and the warm glow of the fireplace. 


Kindred is located in inner-city Darlington, nestled between the cultural and dining hubs of Newtown and Chippendale. It’s a stone’s throw from the University of Sydney and Carriageworks. We’re proud to be part of a diverse community of residents, small businesses, arts and education.  


Whether you’re a regular, a local, or have come from further afield, we want you to feel at home here, too. 


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