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KINDRED Restaurant. 02 8937-0530.

137 Cleveland Street, Darlington, NSW, 2008.   

©2016 Kindred Restaurant, Darlington.

Our menu is based on fresh, seasonal produce, cooked simply to allow its flavour to shine through. It could be paired with homemade pasta, slow cooked meat, or be the star of its own dish.


Chef Matt Pollock regularly updates the menu to showcase the best of what’s available from the markets. Together with our changing specials, that means there are always new tastes to try. Some are inspired by the generous harvests of neighbours and friends, like recent dishes featuring rosemary and grapefruit. Other dishes are there for keeps, like our burnt butter triangoli and a hearty lasagne.


We take the time to produce many of our own ingredients. That includes the sourdough bread baked every day and the cultured butter it’s served with. All of our pasta, ricotta, and gelato are made in our kitchen. We grind whole cuts of meat for our sausages, and prepare pickles, relishes, mustard and fermented vegetables.


House-made gluten free pasta is also available, and our menu offers a selection of vegetarian menu options.